Dialogue in Music: Part 2

Tom Jobim & Ellis Regina sing Aguas de Marco (Waters of March)

Tom Jobim sings Waters of March (Aguas de Marco)

Paul Sonnenberg sings Waters of March (Aguas de Marco)


Aguas de Marco by Antonio Carlos Jobim is widely considered the best song in Brazilian music. It’s a great tune that fringes on the notion of dialogue in music. Yes – it’s a melodic duet, but there’s more to it than that. It’s a beautiful rhythmic conversation between two people. I wanted to include an English version because I don’t even know Portuguese.

The English version’s nice because I actually understand what’s being said, but I prefer Ellis and Tom’s version way more. There’s something special that happens when they sing it together – there’s something to be said for that, considering how wonderfully Jobim and Paul Sonnenberg sings the English version. Ellis and Tom simply make the song come to life. Like music, dialogue usually has a rhythm that the writer should be aware of.

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