Poem: Crot #3

Say What?
by the inglishologist
Speak to me in cursive with the Eagle by your punch
Squawk out where we're going even if it's just a hunch
Pull that ancient walkman down and hide it in your bag
Push record and let it roll when boss man starts to nag

Stroll into a dive and grab a stool that's near the back
Grab a brew, enjoy your view, and scribble as they quack
Rent a couple movies that you normally wouldn't see
Dully note the subtle glance that hints at what will be 

Let your thinkings loiter 'round until they find a cause
Underline a ball of twine revealing something odd
Keep a box of tissues on the table near your bed
Scratch down stealing Jesus from a dream about that shed

Tuck a ball point pen into the crescent of your ear
Vandalize your upper wrist when nothing else is near
Post a thought beside a pot that dangles from a hook
And any time it strikes your mind go out to lunch

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